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Principles of Designing Shade Systems

The interplay of light and shade around and within a building has a huge impact on its success. Sun shade solutions can be used to highlight a building's design elements, as well as to create enjoyable indoor and outdoor spaces. For example, something as simple as glare can make

Principles of Designing Shade Systems2021-07-30T13:13:04+10:00

The Beauty of Outdoor Screens for Businesses

The Beauty of Outdoor Privacy Screens for Businesses Add character, aesthetic appeal, and special features around your commercial building with our high impact screens. Architectural screens are made from aluminium, Colorbond, steel, or galvanised steel, laser cut in eye-catching artistic patterns, nature-inspired designs, geometric shapes or an innovative style of

The Beauty of Outdoor Screens for Businesses2021-07-29T15:13:30+10:00

Capture the Winter Sun with Our Operable Louvre Systems

Capture the Winter Sun with Our Operable Louvre System CVS group provides exceptional sun shade solutions for Australian civil and commercial projects. Each part is manufactured right here in Australia, so all of our systems are responsive to and appropriate for Australia’s weather conditions. Uniquely, our louvre systems

Capture the Winter Sun with Our Operable Louvre Systems2021-05-25T14:27:59+10:00

Ventilation Dampers vs Ventilation Louvres

When designing any kind of building, engineers have to carefully consider how to introduce adequate ventilation. While this may seem like an obvious point to make when talking about apartment buildings, office blocks and warehouses, ventilation is often an overlooked feature of places like car parks, underground structures and

Ventilation Dampers vs Ventilation Louvres2021-05-03T20:08:56+10:00

Louvres for Building Equipment Explained

Louvres provide ventilation for the kind of high voltage equipment commonly found on building rooftops or around large-scale air conditioning units. Louvres enable air to pass through and keep an optimal temperature around equipment, while blocking unwanted debris such as dust and water. Louvres can be positioned around equipment in

Louvres for Building Equipment Explained2021-06-02T17:27:41+10:00

Powder Coating vs Regular Paint

Powder Coating services are ubiquitous to heavy industry, but what is it? And how does it compare to regular paint? Read on for our answers. CVS Group evolved from a wealth of knowledge and experience in the ventilation and roofing industry. As a result, we are unique in Australia

Powder Coating vs Regular Paint2021-03-04T13:43:33+11:00

Material Spotlight on Aluminium

Whether you’re interested in artfully designed perforated screens, functional bar grille, weatherproof louvres, or any other of our high-performance external shade structures, you’ll notice aluminium listed in the materials description box. Aluminium is a popular material in architectural cladding, in part because it is so versatile. In fact, aluminium

Material Spotlight on Aluminium2021-03-04T13:42:57+11:00

Understanding Powder Coating

What coating finish is best for sun screens and external louvres? What is powder coating? How does powder coating improve the lifespan of base metals? Keep reading to find out! One of the key factors at work when deciding on the best external louvres and sunscreens for your project

Understanding Powder Coating2020-12-17T11:49:11+11:00
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