The Beauty of Outdoor Screens for Businesses

Architectural screens add character, aesthetic appeal, and special features around your commercial building with our high impact screens. They are mostly made from aluminium, Colorbond, steel or galvanised steel, laser cut in eye-catching artistic patterns, nature-inspired designs, geometric shapes or an innovative style of your own choice. Mill, powder

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Ventilation Dampers vs Ventilation Louvres

When designing any kind of building, engineers have to carefully consider how to introduce adequate external wall ventilation. While this may seem like an obvious point to make when talking about apartment buildings, office blocks and warehouses, ventilation is often an overlooked feature of places like car parks,

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Louvres for Building Equipment Explained

Louvres provide ventilation for the kind of high voltage equipment commonly found on building rooftops or around large-scale air conditioning units. Louvres enable air to pass through and keep an optimal temperature around equipment, while blocking unwanted debris such as dust and water. They can be positioned around

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Material Spotlight on Aluminium

Whether you’re interested in artfully designed aluminium screens, functional bar grille, weatherproof louvres, or any other of our high-performance external shade structures, you’ll notice aluminium listed in the materials description box. Aluminium is a popular material in architectural cladding, in part because it is so versatile. In fact,

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Optimise Air Flow and Sunlight with External Louvres

At CVS, our external louvres put ventilation and sun-protection together in stunning vertical designs. External louvres are weather-proof architectural shutters that protect both small and large commercial buildings from the elements. As with shutters in your home, external louvres create balanced and diffused internal light, while ensuring that

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External Wall Ventilation

There are nearly as many external wall ventilation products on the market, as there are people to buy them. But how do you decide which one will be best for your project or need? What are the Different Types? The first obstacle you will need to consider is,

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Performance Ventilation Louvres

As winter takes hold and rainy days become more prevalent throughout the weeks, we want to be able to still take in the breeze from outside without having to welcome the rain that generally comes along with it. While some places may say that their louvres are a

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Metal Louvre Awnings

For those who are after a canopy that combines both functionality and wonderful design, it is extremely hard to look past metal louvre awnings. With their simple yet effective configuration they are able to provide a perfect balance between sunlight and shade. For those who are unsure, ‘louvre’

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Versatility and Sophistication: Freeflow Operable Louvres

Natural ventilation allows you to utilise the elements to regulate your building’s indoor climate. By lowering the need for mechanical ventilation, you can have 25 – 50 % energy savings. Aside from financial and environmental benefits, it reduces lung-related health risks. The World Health Organisation has estimated that

Versatility and Sophistication: Freeflow Operable Louvres2021-08-18T14:16:07+10:00
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