Enhancing your establishment in more ways than one, a facade louvre will be a stylish and practical addition to any building. This integral piece of architecture can be customised to suit any branding or building, making them the ideal addition to your business.
In this blog we will delve into what facade louvres are, and discuss some of the most popular types from CVS.

What is a Facade Louvre?

Usually situated on one side of the building — often at the front, one of the main purposes of a facade louvre’s is aesthetic. Acting as an integral piece of architecture on any building, a facade louvre can really make a statement.
Adding personality and character to any building, a facade louvre still provides ventilation that allows air to pass through. It keeps out unwanted elements like water, dirt and debris.

CVS Louvres

Whether you need quality ventilation or sun protection solutions, CVS has you covered. With weatherproof products that are designed to withstand harsh conditions and the elements, a CVS Louvre is durable, practical and stylish.
Ideal for complementing and enhancing any building, our range of facade louvres is unmatched in the industry. Our Facade Louvres include Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres, Freeflow Stormproof Louvres, Freeflow Two Stage Louvres, Freeflow Acoustic Louvres, Freeflow Operable Louvres and Air n Lite Adjustable Louvres. We will delve into the most popular below.

CVS Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres

Designed to achieve engineering and architectural requirements for natural ventilation and screening, the CVS Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres are the ideal solution to natural ventilation where it is required.
A popular choice for hospitals, storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities and commercial office blocks, these louvres are often used for smoke exhausts, plant screens, air conditioning and car park fresh air intakes, cooling tower and mechanical equipment screens.
Not only do these louvres enhance the property with stylish aesthetic, but they also serve as a practical fixture.

Air n Lite Adjustable Louvres

With two models to choose from, Air n Lite Adjustable Louvres are most commonly installed in commercial, governmental, educational, institutional and industrial buildings. These buildings require large areas of ventilation and light so are also often installed in factories, storerooms, schools and classrooms, gymnasiums, swimming pool enclosures and air intake plant rooms.

Each of the two models come with their own design alternatives and criteria. These louvres can be custom powder coated or a bright coloured anodising.
These louvres are adjustable, comprised of a perimeter surround frame with operable framed sheeted or glazed blade inserts. They also offer a great level of weather resistance and architectural appearance.

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