Louvres have been used in various forms for hundreds of years. They can be found in churches and other similar buildings, either as timber or large stone. These types are generally simple, single-blade arrangements built for rain defence.

Today, when choosing a louvre system, it is often a compromise between rain defence and airflow efficiency. Choosing the wrong louvre may cause problems, either by restricting airflow or allowing rainwater penetration. There is always a delicate balance between designing a louvre system that offers the best weather defence and aerodynamic performance.

At CVS Equipment, we offer Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres that allow natural ventilation while maintaining a level of weather resistance and airflow efficiency. This offers the best performance standards overall.

Common Applications for Our Weatherproof Louvres

Our Freelow Weatherproof Louvres are commonly used in building facades, to ventilate plants and equipment rooms, warehouse ventilation, mechanical intakes and exhausts and pump room ventilation. They are an excellent choice for storage warehouses, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and commercial office blocks.

Determining the Building’s Requirements

Essentially, you need airflow within buildings to provide clean air to both people and machinery. Each building’s use of louvres depends on its usage. For instance, a car park may need maximum ventilation but minimal protection from water entry. In such a case, a traditional screening louvre would be the suitable solution.

A plant room, on the other hand, has electrical equipment or other machinery, which calls for high levels of ventilation with optimal protection from rain penetration. A performance louvre would be the ideal option for this application.

Choose CVS Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres

Our performance louvres are the best option in applications where natural ventilation is needed while achieving and maintaining a level of weather resistance and aerodynamic performance.

These louvres can be manufactured from a range of materials including aluminium, Colorbond, stainless steel and galvanised steel. They can also be coated in various finishes to suit specific aesthetic and architectural requirements, from custom colour powder coat to bright coloured anodising.

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