There are nearly as many external wall ventilation products on the market, as there are people to buy them. But how do you decide which one will be best for your project or need?

What are the Different Types?

The first obstacle you will need to consider is, which type of external wall ventilation product will best suit your desired outcome. As a starting point, lets look at Acoustic louvres, Two Stage Louvres (a.k.a. Double Bank Louvres), Operable Louvres and Air n’ Lite Louvres. Whilst there are many more products and louvre types we could examine, we will use these types for the purpose of this article. All these louvre types plus many other louvre products can be found at CVS Group.

Acoustic Louvres

The main purpose of the acoustic louvres, is to provide noise reduction and noise transmission while still being able to meet the engineering and architectural needs of air flow and vision control. The ideal building situations that greatly benefit from this type of louvre are compressor rooms, public buildings, schools, generator plant rooms and heavy mechanical plant rooms and hospitals.

Two Stage Louvres

These louvres are designed for when external wall ventilation is required whilst maintaining the most effective and optimal rain defence. These louvres are most commonly used for electrical substations, electrical equipment rooms, data centres or anywhere where sensitive electrical and electronic equipment require natural ventilation. They are also quite often used as a solution for ‘no sight’ situations.

Operable Louvres

Operable louvres are designed to be able to achieve maximum ventilation and weatherproofing, while being able to still achieve engineering and architectural requirements. These louvres are perfect for when maximum natural airflow ventilation is a must whilst still being able to maintain a level of weatherproofing. The ideal building types you would use operable louvres are acid and chemical storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities and any building that needs to have adjustable airflow requirements.

Air n’ Lite Louvres

This particular type of louvre is absolutely perfect in a situation where you need to allow for natural airflow ventilation and where sunlight is still required while still being able to maintain a high level of resistance to rain and other weather elements and still able to blend in with any architectural appearance. This type of louvre is mostly installed in commercial, defence, educational, institutional and industrial buildings such as factories, store rooms, schools and classrooms, gymnasiums and swimming pools. Mostly these buildings require large amounts of ventilation and at the same time giving them natural light.

Hopefully this gives a better understanding of what types of louvres will best suit your project needs and situation. Also a point to note is that the above mentioned products are able to be manufactured in a range of different materials and coated in a variety of different finishes, to suit any specific requirements.

If you require any further information on anything mentioned in this article or any other louvre product, feel free to speak to one of our experienced and professional team members at CVS Group.

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