Sleek and stylish sun protection is a must for any modern Australian building and CVS Equipment has spent 40 years developing its range of facade louvres to suit.
Our family-owned business is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality shade solutions Australia wide, with louvre systems at the forefront.
Well-designed facade louvres can add monetary and aesthetic value to any property while poorly designed shades present more like a high-security bunker – CVS ensures your new shades fall under the former.

What Are Facade Louvres?

The horizontal metal slats of louvre shades make for highly durable external blinds which suit many kinds of building. Some louvres have an adjustable design, allowing for airflow and sunlight control in the home or office.
Most external louvres from CVS Equipment are made from aluminium, colourbond and stainless steel which are highly corrosion resistant while protecting the building from weather damage.
We also stock a range of Air n Lite adjustable louvres made from glass and aluminium which make for trendy windows in any factory, storeroom, school, gymnasium or swimming pool enclosure.

Benefits of Facade Louvres

Besides their look and durability, these shades provide great security for any facade.
They are commonly used on air intake plant rooms, chemical storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities, electrical substations and data centres where access is restricted, and their infiltration can be detrimental for business and communities.
CVS Freeflow Stormproof Louvres are designed to be highly weatherproof and can even be coated in protective paint for extra insurance.
For those needing extra noise and vibration reduction, such as hospitals, schools or public buildings, acoustic louvres can be designed and manufactured to meet your engineering and architectural needs.
Not to mention that all of these options will keep your building cool and shady in the warmer months, reducing your need for costly air conditioning.

More Kinds of Louvres

CVS Equipment supplies and instals six kinds of louvres and each serves a unique purpose from the rest.
Our Freeflow Weatherproof louvres are designed to provide passive heating and ventilation while remaining durable and aerodynamic. If you thought building aerodynamics was inconsequential, think again! Ventilation is a key architectural consideration to avoid moisture build up, odours and stale air for inhabitants.
For heavier, weather prone buildings, our two-stage Louvres provide an extra layer of defence. Using two layers, air is forced to penetrate a slanted N-shaped cavity, slowing it down even further before it comes into contact with the building. Those near the coast may opt for this as storm fronts roll in off the ocean.

Optimising Your Facade Louvres

Not all buildings were created equal and not all louvres will suit. Some buildings may need sun protection on one side and storm proofing on the other. Some louvres are solely an aesthetic choice and others are for function and security.
Whatever your needs, CVS Equipment has the expertise to design yours accordingly. Remember, we won’t only supply and install your facade louvres; we teach you how to make the most of them.

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