External Louvres

CVS Equipment provides businesses with quality ventilation and sun protection solutions with our external louvre roof systems. Since our establishment in the 1980s, our family-owned company has been offering weatherproof products designed to withstand the elements and create comfortable and well-ventilated environments in commercial buildings.

What started out as a supplier of roof ventilation solutions has progressed into a successful and trustworthy source of outdoor sun protection products, catering to the needs of various businesses.

Our team has worked on a range of projects around Australia, installing sunroofs and shades for facilities such as hospitals, stadia and apartments. We take pride in consistently delighting our clients with the results of our work, and by providing outstanding services. Our commitment to forming close working relationships with our clients is what sets us apart from other providers. We don’t just supply and install your facade louvres; we teach you how to make most of them.

If you’re looking for facade louvres and sunshades that complement and enhance your property, then CVS is your source. Scroll down to see what we have on offer.

Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres

Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres

Weatherproof louvres make for a durable and functional addition to any building façade. See the options available at CVS.

stormproof louvres

Freeflow Stormproof Louvres

Our range of stormproof louvres can withstand harsh weather and the outdoor elements. Call CVS Equipment today.

two stage louvres

Freeflow Two Stage Louvres

CVS has a wide range of Freeflow Two Stage Louvres ideal for different applications. Click here for a full list of available models.

acoustic louvres

Freeflow Acoustic Louvres

Building designers looking for acoustic louvres will find them here at CVS Equipment. See our products here.

operable louvres

Freeflow Operable Louvres

Our Freeflow Operable Louvres are designed to meet your varying requirements. See the options we have on offer here.

air n lite louvres

Air n Lite Adjustable Louvres

CVS Equipment offers a wide range of louvre systems, including the Air n Lite Adjustable Louvres. See our range of adjustable louvres here.