For those who are after a canopy that combines both functionality and wonderful design, it is extremely hard to look past metal louvre awnings. With their simple yet effective configuration they are able to provide a perfect balance between sunlight and shade.

For those who are unsure, ‘louvre’ is an object with evenly spaced slats or blades that can either allow or block light or air from entering a certain space.

Type of Materials that can be Used

There are two main types of materials used for louvre awnings, these are timber or metal. While they can be opened and closed manually, some louvre awnings come with controls that will allow the user to adjust the slats or blades according to the sun’s location.

Although it’s not just blocking out the sunlight that these louvres are capable of doing, they can also help the cooling of your home or building. They are able to achieve this because they create a barrier between the sun and the window of the building where the heat would be able to pass through. Thus, allowing you to reduce the usage of your air conditioning units, saving you money on future electricity bills.


That is not the only benefit that can be gained by having metal louvre awnings installed around your home or office. They can also allow greater airflow, helping to reduce a build up of smoke or steam or unwanted air, which can be created if you have a kitchen feature or barbeque below.

As mentioned earlier if closed, the louvres can be used as a barrier to not only keep heat away from your windows in the warmer months, and in the colder months, can work to trap warmth from escaping, again allowing your home or office area to be naturally warmer or colder, depending on your needs.

Though metal louvre awnings aren’t just useful at keeping out or trapping warmth, you can utilise them in wetter weather, where if the slats or blades are shut you will still be able to enjoy being outdoors as rain won’t be able to affect the area underneath the louvre awnings.

One major thing to always keep in mind is the quality of the products. As there is no point having the most beautiful new louvre awning, and then finding out the quality of it only lasts for one season and having to replace it. Knowing who you are purchasing from and having faith in their product will save you a lot of money and heartache in the long term, as a trusted set of louvre awnings should last a good number of years.

Another great benefit of metal louvre awnings is that there are many configurations, styles, finishes and accessories to suit your home or office, including the colour of the finish, and configurations such as panels that are vertical or horizontal, depending on the situation in which you wish to install them.

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