As winter takes hold and rainy days become more prevalent throughout the weeks, we want to be able to still take in the breeze from outside without having to welcome the rain that generally comes along with it. While some places may say that their louvres are a one size fits all type of product, it is not the case. That doesn’t mean the louvre you’re looking for isn’t around, because it is. Welcome to the performance ventilation louvres which are not only capable of still allowing fantastic air flow from outside into the comfort of your home or office, but also offer great resistance to stopping the rain from entering the building.

Choosing the Right Louvre

Louvres have been used for hundreds of years. Originally, they were made from stone or timber, they were created as a single large blade, primarily used as a rain defence. However, with modern louvres it is generally expected that a compromise must be made to either have rain defence or air flow as the primary role of your louvres. Then choosing the wrong louvre may result in potential problems occurring. This will be due to the louvre allowing rain through or restricting the airflow throughout a building.

Luckily, the team at CVS have been able to create a louvre that gets the balance or rain defence and airflow right. With the Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres, these louvres allow natural ventilation to occur while also being able to maintain a high level of weather resistance and a high level of efficient airflow.

The ideal circumstance in which you would use these louvres would be in areas such as, warehouse ventilation, ventilation plants and equipment rooms, pump rooms and mechanical intakes and exhausts. The Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres are also a great choice for hospitals, manufacturing facilities, storage warehouses and commercial office buildings.

Where to use Performance Louvres

To determine where and how many louvres need to be placed in a certain location will be dictated highly by the purpose of the desired outcome. Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres are designed to provide airflow within buildings, so that people, machinery and equipment alike have access to clean air. For example; a car park building may need to have maximum ventilation with minimal protection from water, which would be ideal for a traditional screening louvre. However, for a plant room which has electrical equipment stored there, it requires not only a highly level of ventilation but also an extremely high level of rain defence. As such a performance ventilation louvre would then be ideal for this situation.

With our Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres being the best option for any application where natural ventilation is required, they also are able to achieve and maintain a high level of water defence and aerodynamic performance. All our louvres can be manufactured from a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel. They can also be made to match aesthetic or architectural requirements and can be finished in a wide range of finishes, from custom powder coats to bright coloured anodising.

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