Air n Light Adjustable Louvres

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CVS Air n Lite Louvres are a range of adjustable louvres which comprise of a perimeter surround frame with operable framed glazed or sheeted blade inserts. They are a perfect solution where natural airflow ventilation and sunlight is required while still maintaining a high level of rain and weather resistance and architectural appearance.

CVS Air n Lite Louvres are most commonly installed in commercial, governmental, educational, institutional and industrial buildings where large areas of ventilation and light are important. Such buildings include factories, storerooms, schools and classrooms, gymnasiums, swimming pool enclosures and air intake plantrooms.

CVS Air n Lite Louvres come in two models. Each model come with their own criteria and design alternatives. CVS Air n Lite Louvres can also be coated in a range of different finishes to suite specific requirements, including warranty and custom colour powder coat through to bright coloured anodising.

Available Models

Air n Lite Commercial Model No. ANLC
Depth 100mm to 200mm
Types Panels
Materials Aluminium
Finishes Mill, Powdercoated, Anodised
Infill Options Glass, Polycarbonate, Timber, Metal Sheeting


Air n Lite Industrial Model No. ANLI
Depth 100mm
Types Panels
Materials Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel
Finishes Mill, Powdercoated, Anodised
Infill Options Polycarbonate, Profiled Sheeting, Colourbond, Timber
Air n Lite Adjustable Louvres
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