External Sunscreens

CVS Equipment is the aluminium sunscreen manufacturer of choice for many building owners across Australia. Having provided high-quality sun protection solutions since our establishment in the 1980s, we have earned our clients’ trust with unmatched products and excellent services, which includes our quick and efficient lead times.

Here at CVS, we are proud to manufacture and supply a wide range of external sunscreens for a variety of applications. Our products are manufactured in Australia and are designed for the Australian climate. Whatever your ventilation and sun protection needs may be, you can find the product that suits them best in our collection. Our sunscreens are made of industry-grade aluminium, which means that they last for years and are ideal for maintaining a cool and comfortable environment from the outside. In addition, they look sleek and are resistant to rust, making them a stylish feature for any building.

See the aluminium sunscreen options we have on offer by clicking the images below, and choose one that meets your needs.

Shadelite Bar Grille Screens Our range of Shadelite Bar Grille Screens is an excellent architectural addition to building facades. Learn more about them here.

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Shadelite Bar Grille Screens
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Shadelite Bar Grille

Shadelite Sun Shade Screens For years, CVS has been the leading provider of sunscreen shades in the country. See our range of aluminium sun shades here.

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Shadelite Sun Shade Screens
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sun Screens

Shadelite Sunshadow Screens CVS Equipment has a collection of Shadelite Sunshadow Screens on offer. See our products here.

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Shadelite Sunshadow Screens
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Suns Shades Sydney

Ellipsoid Louvres CVS Equipment’ range of ellipsoid louvres can be manufactured to various configurations. Learn more about our products here.

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Ellipsoid Louvres
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Ellipsoid Screens Sydney

Shadelite Box Screens Find a wide range of Shadelite Box Screens here at CVS Equipment. Call CVS Equipment today.

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Shadelite Box Screens
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box screens sydney

Shadelite Perforated Screens Building owners who want solutions that can serve as privacy screens and sun protection devices will find them in our range of perforated screens.

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Shadelite Perforated Screens
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Perforated Screens

Aluminium Sunscreens for Buildings

The sunscreen options here at CVS Equipment are exactly what you need for your commercial and residential exteriors. Sun control and shading devices are an ideal solution for building owners who want to create an energy-efficient environment, inside and outside their property.

External shadings work exceptionally well to prevent unwanted heat gain, making them the perfect cost-effective device to maintain cool temperatures, especially during hot weather. On colder days, our building sunscreens may function as fixtures that effectively diffuse solar heat, which make them ideal for keeping the temperature within a conditioned environment.

Perfect for Commercial and Residential Applications

These features are perfect for both commercial and residential applications, as they allow for a well-ventilated space, regardless of the weather. Small commercial and residential buildings can use fixed sunscreens, usually installed by the windows or near the roofs. Our CVS aluminium sunscreens are engineered and manufactured in Australia and are perfect for the Australian climate. They take up little space and can withstand extensive exposure to the elements.

Find the Right Sun Protection Device Here

Here at CVS, you will find the right sun control device for your commercial and residential applications. Choose from among the sunscreen options we have on offer, and be confident that our products will enable you to maintain a comfortable, sun-protected environment. Our quick lead times mean that you will not be kept waiting once you have placed your order. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.