Shadelite Sunshadow Screens

Sun shadow Screens



CVS Shadelite Sunshadow Screens are an extruded curved blade panel system made from high quality aluminium to make a durable, lightweight screen that can be easily be incorporated into a sun shade device or used as an architectural louvre grille. CVS Shadelite Sunshadow Screens can also be designed and used as architectural screens to building facades, sun shade systems or plant screen panels.

To help with design uses, CVS Shadelite Sunshadow Screens can be manufactured in many configurations. They can be produced as continuous line screens, as shade canopies or as individual framed panel screens and blades can be set at various spacing’s to assist in the many building usages. Screens can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can be either connected to the building structure or cantilevered with outrigger supports.

CVS Shadelite Sunshadow Screens can be coated in a range of different finishes to suite specific requirements, including warranty and custom colour powder coat through to bright coloured anodising.

Available Models

Model No. 060SH
Depth 60mm
Types Panels or Continuous
Materials Aluminium
Finishes Mill, Powdercoated, Anodised
Options Flanges, Frames
aluminium sun shadow screen
sun shadow screens