Architectural Aluminium

CVS is always looking for ways to innovate and advance the use of our products. Because of our flexibility of our manufacturing capabilities and as many of the louvre and sunscreen products are manufactured from aluminium, it means that they can be easily utilised as architectural building and façade metalwork. Click here to find out more.

Project Management and Planning

At CVS we know that there is distinct challenges to every project and we enjoy what this brings with it.

With more than 35 years of assisting and providing our clients with performance louvres, sunscreen and shading solutions, CVS dedicate project managers and planners who walk through the details and ensure that each and all the expectations of the client are achieved.

Because of the louvre and sunscreen knowledge that CVS has, we can provide this project management and planning support service. From advising architects, engineers and building specifiers, we can provide technical information, drafting and cost estimates for any project.


Because of CVS Equipment’s knowledge of external louvres and sunscreens, we can provide expert advise on the installation of our products.

Our dedicated installation teams have been specifically trained to undertake louvre and sunscreen installations in many situations and circumstances. Team members have training and licenses for most equipment and workspaces including general induction cards, elevated work platforms, health and safety.

Our workmanship and expertise in louvre and sunscreen installations also negates warranty issues and reduces the risk of product failure. Call CVS today to understand more about our installation service by calling today on (02) 8796 3000.


Our louvre and sunscreen products are manufactured in our in-house manufacturing facilities in Minto, NSW.

Because of our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to diversify and customise louvre and sunscreen solutions tailored to your requirements. This gives us the ability to ensure that our clients with quality products and short lead times. It also provide the capabilities to adapt and realign processes to provide exclusive results for our clients.

Powder Coating

CVS Powder Coating operates a professional batch powder coating plant in Minto, NSW. We offer high quality powder coated finishes alongside excellent customer service and competitive prices.

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Let's Work Together


Get in touch with CVS today and see the difference we can make. We have an experienced and expert team that can assist with any enquiry. Click below to enquire.