Architects used to view louvres as practical building elements. Recently, though, louvres have been given the added function of embellishing the façade of buildings.

Attractive Buildings Attract People

Having facade louvres tastefully added to a building’s façade can attract people. This benefit adds up for those in the hospitality industry. One of the reasons first-time guests try new hotels or restaurants is because they are attracted to the facilities. Seeing how well-designed a building is, makes them think that there is a good chance that they will enjoy their stay or meal there.

Once inside the facilities, the ventilation and shade given by the louvre can give them a comfortable stay or dining experience.

Having a beautiful façade also benefits building owners who lease rooms or office space. People want to work in an environment which elevates their sense purpose. For companies who own their own building, having a good-looking façade positively affects employees’ moods. Setting an impressive environment for them can help with their sense of pride in where they work and increase their productivity.

Louvres Can Be Used as a Marketing Tool

Lines have a psychological effect on people. That is why designers utilise lines to convey different messages. In architecture, setting your company logo on the louvres on your façade can highlight the name of your logo. This can further emphasise the logo compared to setting the logo on a solid wall. The architect can also use the lines of the louvre to lead peoples’ eyes to the logo.

Increasing the visibility of your logo on your building is a good marketing strategy. It hits two birds with one stone. First, it informs people that the building is an office of the company. Second, it increases brand awareness as the image of the building, and the emphasised brand name is ingrained in the mind of the viewers.

You can have all the functional uses of a louvre along with its aesthetic purposes. Talk to us today if you are interested in having external weather louvres.

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