Upgrading your home or office is always an exciting feat but making the wrong decisions can be detrimental to your long-term goals.

Whether you’re renovating or building a new establishment or home, the addition of louvres can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Louvres can be installed at any height with a multitude of colours to choose from. These easy to operate sun shade solutions are the ideal addition to any outdoor or indoor setting – suitable for any facility.

In this blog, we will cover how louvres run laps around blinds and why you should opt for them when planning your next project.

What Are Louvres?

Louvres are shutters that feature horizontal slats. These slats are often angled to keep out direct sunlight and rain but designed to ensure airflow and indirect light. Often fixed to an establishment, louvres can be made from aluminium, wood, glass, plastics and other materials.

Energy Efficiency, Ventilation & Air Flow

Offering no ventilation, thick blinds may keep the heat in during the colder months but what about the summer months?

With the rise in interest rates and overall cost of living, lowering your energy usage is never a bad idea. Helping to reduce your energy consumption, louvres allow steamy air to escape in the summertime. This also reduces moisture build up and therefore the possibility of mould inside.

With effective ventilation, louvres help keep the interior of your home or establishment cool. Louvres also lower your bills by minimising the need for air conditioning or fans.

Timeless Aesthetic

Renovating and building can be expensive, so you want to get it right the first time. Louvres allow a classic style that nevers becomes outdated and always enhances the property.

Louvres come in a range of materials and colours, so you can tailor your design to suit any aesthetic and function. Louvres are easy to clean and will maintain their new look for longer than blinds because of their durable materials and structure.

Due to their construction, blinds can become dirty and damaged easily. Made from cottons and other traditional materials, blinds can become outdated very quickly, calling for replacements often. Louvres are a more sound investment for your property – they look great now and will remain timeless with added functions.


Unlike blinds which only offer the minimal functionality of keeping the light out, louvres can be tailored to suit your needs with ease.

Not only are louvres stylish, they also provide a plethora of benefits to your establishment. At CVS, our external louvres come in a range of styles and uses. Three of our favourite louvres include:

CVS Air n Lite Louvres consist of a perimeter surround frame with glazed or sheeted blade inserts. These are ideal for natural ventilation and sunlight with a high level of rain and weather resistance.

These are commonly seen in schools and classrooms, factories, swimming pool enclosures, storerooms, gymnasiums and air intake plant rooms where light and ventilation is important.

Designed and manufactured to meet architectural and engineering needs, CVS Freeflow Acoustic Louvres are made for buildings where noise control is essential.

This style is often used for ventilation of heavy mechanical plant rooms, compressor rooms, generator plants and hospitals, schools or public buildings.

Not only do these louvres look great, they offer a weatherproof functionality – ideal for storage warehouses, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and commercial office blocks.

In an aluminium construction, the CVS Freeflow Weatherproof Louvres are also engineered for cooling requirements, making them the perfect solution for natural ventilation.

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