CVS has recently completed some impressive architectural sun shading using Shadelite Perforated Screens for the NSW Sydney Trains easy accessibility upgrade at Oatley Railway Station, NSW.

Not only can perforated screens be used as sun shading devices, but they can also be used as fall protection and balustrade infills which was the case on this project. Having the right designed support structure allows perforated screens to be used like this.


There is many ways and configurations that these screens can be used for. One use of Shadelite perforated screens is as architectural metal work. Many types of patterns and styles can be incorporated into these types of screens. Other uses are:

  • Privacy Screens
  • Sun Hoods
  • Ceiling and Soffit Linings
  • Picture Presentation

The Project

This project was made very challenging by the fact one side of the pedestrian bridge was curved with the ceiling grid matching the radius meaning every ceiling tile was irregular in shape, and the punching pattern was required to vary in density across the bridge. This required 44 different ceiling tile designs and 8 for the walls!

Take a look at the completed project by clicking here. Or a picture says a thousand words….

perforated screens
perforated screens

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