Timber Vs. Aluminium Battens: Which is better?

Timber Vs. Aluminium Battens: Which is better? Whether you’re adding privacy to your home or adding a decorative touch to your business, battens are the ideal way to introduce texture to any build. Perfect for new or existing establishments, battens add depth, privacy, security and more. For all your

Timber Vs. Aluminium Battens: Which is better?2022-02-21T17:02:17+11:00

Timber Vs Aluminium Slat Screens

Timber Vs Aluminium Slat Screens Choosing from timber slat screens or aluminium slat screens for your next building project is crucial in the longevity, style and security of your home or business. Slat screens are ideal for adding privacy and cooling properties to your establishment. Slats may be your first

Timber Vs Aluminium Slat Screens2022-02-14T18:22:19+11:00

Your Guide to Sunshadow

Adding a touch of decor to your home or business, a Sunshadow Screen can make all the difference aesthetically and functionally. From adding privacy, sectioning, blocking shade, creating security and more, this versatile addition is perfect for a multitude of reasons. For all your sun shade solutions, CVS has you

Your Guide to Sunshadow2022-02-01T22:24:49+11:00

The Importance of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a powerful protective coating for steel and other metals that not only makes your product last for longer but finishes it in an array of colours. CVS Group offers high quality powder coating services in Minto, NSW, in our purpose built facility. Whether you are looking for

The Importance of Powder Coating2021-11-15T19:20:33+11:00
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