It is common knowledge that direct sunlight may damage works of art, causing them to fade. Of course, we need a certain amount of light to view the art, but not too much.

Building a gallery with protection from the sun can be difficult. Here are five ways you can prevent the sun from damaging artworks:

Sun-Safe Framing

If you want better protection for your client’s artwork, talk to them about the advantages of investing in conservation glass or UV acrylic patents that are designed to reflect the harmful rays of the sun. Framing your art pieces in sun-safe glass will also prevent dust accumulation and heat damage.

Archival Sprays

Unframed canvas paintings can benefit from archival protection sprays. Some artists resort to protective varnish, but protective sprays are more accessible in supply stores.


Although glazing can only be applied to oil and acrylics rather than brittle-textured mediums such as pastels, it definitely improves a painting’s tolerance to sunlight and heat. This technique has minimal interference with the artwork yet adds a non-glare layer over the piece with static-free polycarbonate, a dissipative thermoplastic material.

UV Films

Covering windows with UV films is another option to keep out sunlight. Art dealers choose this when they want to protect fixtures in the room other than the artworks, such as floorings and textiles. There are various types of protective window films in hardware stores or construction shops.


External louvres and sunscreens can also be protective solutions for art galleries. Louvres are aesthetically appealing additions to the roof or windows for sun protection and improved ventilation. Explain to your client that external protection on the windows and skylights may be the most effective way to protect the objects in the gallery.

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