There is a wide variety of louvres on the market that are used for a range of different things. Acoustic louvres offer a versatile option for situations where natural ventilation and noise reduction is required. Packed with various aids to your business or establishment, such as airflow, noise reduction and vision control, an acoustic louvre could be what your facility is missing. For all your acoustic louvre needs, CVS has you covered.

Benefits of Acoustic Louvres

Primarily used for noise and vibration reduction, an acoustic louvre also offers airflow and vision control. Primarily used for environments that produce high levels of noise and/or vibrations, these versatile additions are commonly used where mechanical systems and services are present.

Acoustic louvres are frequently used for generator plants, heavy mechanical plant rooms, hospitals, schools, public buildings, compressor rooms and other areas that require extra breeze or a decrease in noise.

These louvres reduce noise by creating an alternative path for the noise source going to the receiver. Infill materials assist the noise reductions. These resourceful grate-style additions to buildings offer essential intake and exhaust airflow, allowing the area to have a constant flow of clean air. Natural ventilation is a great way to reduce energy costs and provide clean air to your facility.

With a multitude of different types and uses, the right acoustic louvre option for you will depend on which benefits you need the most.

Types of Acoustic Louvres

Coming in a range of materials and colours, an acoustic louvre can be tailored to aesthetically suit any building. Available in different depths and heights, these louvres can be customised to accommodate any needs or requirements.

Acoustic louvres can be constructed from aluminium, Colorbond, stainless steel or galvanised steel. Finished in a custom powder coat of your choice, Colorbond, mill or bright coloured anodising, acoustic louvres can complement any establishment.
Mesh options include vermin mesh which is either galvanised, coated galvanised, stainless steel, plastic, metal perforation or expanded metal. If you opt for insect mesh, these are made from aluminium, fibreglass, stainless steel or metal perforation.

Louvre doors have jambs, frames and hardware and other additional options include security screens, fire dampers, dust filters, egg crate grilles and control dampers.

CVS Acoustic Louvres

Whether you’re looking for a louvre for your establishment to increase airflow or to reduce noise or vision, CVS has the tailored options for you. Our Freeflow Acoustic Louvres offer a range of benefits and come in an endless range of materials and colour options.

Our louvres are mostly used for ventilating equipment rooms, data centres, compressor rooms, generator rooms or pump rooms. They are also used for chilling tower screens. Get in contact today to enhance your mechanical services or systems rooms to reduce sound transmission and increase airflow.

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