Louvres provide ventilation for the kind of high voltage equipment commonly found on building rooftops or around large-scale air conditioning units. Louvres enable air to pass through and keep an optimal temperature around equipment, while blocking unwanted debris such as dust and water. They can be positioned around equipment in stationary panels, or double as louvred doors to enable access by authorised personnel. CVS Group makes the finest louvred doors and panels in Australia for all applications, ranging in size from sports stadiums to residences.

In this blog, we give an overview of how louvres for equipment function, where they are frequently utilised, and when they are absolutely essential, before listing some of the most common varieties.

Functional Uses for Louvres for Building Equipment

Louvred Doors are one way to provide natural ventilation to building equipment, which allows it to “breathe” and avoid unwanted dirt and moisture, both of which can dangerously impair equipment.

The blade configuration of louvres determines how much air flow will be received by the equipment, and as a result, must be customised to your particular application.

Louvres may also protect equipment against weather damage, vandalism and unauthorised access, and, finally, provide an aesthetically pleasing screen around otherwise unsightly equipment.

Important Applications for Ventilation Louvres

Louvres for ventilation will be seen around buildings where air flow needs to be carefully regulated for both equipment and people.
In fact, sometimes the equipment that louvres protect are not stationary, such as louvres around car parks, installed to provide shade and insulation as well as clean air.

Importantly, louvres are used around sensitive equipment, plant rooms and electrical equipment that needs a high level of security and protection from the elements, as well as highly controlled air flow.

Common Varieties of Ventilation Louvres

Weatherproof Louvres

Built to provide premium grade sun and weather protection, our weatherproof louvres combine superior shade with passing heating and/or ventilation. Our weatherproof louvres used to cover smoke exhausts and as plant screens, air conditioning and car park intakes. They are also frequently installed as cooling towers and mechanical equipment screens, especially within hospitals, storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities and commercial office blocks.

Stormproof Louvres

Where a high level of weather resistance is required, our stormproof louvres are the natural choice. Stormproof louvres are an excellent choice to protect and ventilate any type of building, but may be particularly useful where weather conditions are a concern.

Acoustic Louvres

Our acoustic louvres are custom built to reduce sound transmission where noise control is critical. They are regularly used for ventilation around compressor rooms, generator plants and heavy mechanical plant rooms in hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Two Stage Louvres

Commonly used around sensitive equipment, our Two Stage Louvres are designed for applications where external wall ventilation is required along with optimum rain defence.
Common examples include electrical substations, equipment rooms, data centres, and other sensitive electrical equipment operations that require natural ventilation.

The Best Louvred Doors for Building Equipment Australia

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