At CVS, our external louvres put ventilation and sun-protection together in stunning vertical designs. External louvres are weather-proof architectural shutters that protect both small and large commercial buildings from the elements. As with shutters in your home, external louvres create balanced and diffused internal light, while ensuring that the sun is your main light source throughout the day. External louvres are also used to ensure good airflow – an important consideration in workplaces, busy operational facilities and around high voltage and other sensitive equipment. At CVS we create durable, functional, aesthetic and weatherproof external louvres for a wide variety of industry applications. Let’s explore their advantages in even more detail.


External louvres act as protective shade screens around our buildings. When facing unpredictable weather conditions, building designers often have to forego natural lighting and/or ventilation in order to provide robust storm proofing. However, no such compromise needs to take place with the installation of our Weatherproof and Stormproof Louvres, which are crafted from durable galvanised steel, aluminium, COLORBOND and stainless steel. Engineering precision allows us to maximise upon ventilation and lighting properties without compromising on weatherproofing.

Balanced Lighting

Many of our modern buildings incorporate large glass windows and structures, along with other glossy surfaces, that together contribute to a highly reflective environment with high levels of glare. However, one of the key purposes of good-quality external louvres is to reduce reflective conditions, resulting in the kind of evenly distributed diffuse light that is ideal for workspaces. Light conditions can be further improved by installing operable louvres, which are easily adjusted with a control. Altogether, external louvres significantly reduce our reliance on electrical light sources and cooling systems, thus reducing energy consumption and optimising business energy performance.

Proven Ventilation

External louvres ensure constant airflow in and out of a building. The arrangement of louvres are engineered to capture airflow from all directions, while limiting the intake of the heat or the cold, and providing a barrier against dirt and debris. External louvres and louvre vents also prevent moisture build-up, which is why they are frequently seen around mechanical equipment, as well as around sports centres that feature swimming pools! The applications are extensive, and range from Acoustic Louvres around compressor rooms, generator plants and heavy mechanical plant rooms, hospitals, schools and public buildings. Meanwhile, adjustable Air n Lite Louvres are often found around commercial, governmental, educational, institutional and industrial buildings where large areas of ventilation are required.

Aesthetic Design

Finally, CVS Shadelite Ellipsoid Screens combine aesthetic design properties with practical shade, light, ventilation and weatherproofing. CVS Shadelite Ellipsoid Screens are large scale architectural louvres that add architectural value to a building facade. A well known example of these kinds of louvres are around public sporting facilities and office blocks that have excellent energy ratings.

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