Aluminium timber look slat screens can alter the look and feel of your property. These aluminium sourced slats can last far longer than traditional timber slat screens. Adding a whole new element and elevation to the exterior look of your property.

Today we’ll be going over the benefits of these aluminium timber look slats as well as their uses and all other information you may need to know.

What are Aluminium Timber Look Slat Screens?

Aluminum timber look slat screen fencing has experienced a significant rise in popularity over the last few years. They’re made with aluminum and coated with a timber look finish, meaning that when used they look identical to timber without the increased vulnerability.

They have become a regular occurrence in many Australian properties because of their durability in warmer climates. These aluminum alternatives offer a cladding and fencing solution that won’t deteriorate, rot or warp in the heat, or become susceptible to termite infestations. They are becoming the first choice for many property owners as they provide longevity and minimal maintenance over traditional timber screens.

What are Aluminium Timber Look Slats used for?

Aluminium timber look slats are used in a range of commercial and residential settings. From residential fencing to commercial building cladding, there are a large range of applications that these aluminium timber look slats can be used for.

These timber looking slats not only provide a minimal maintenance option for property owners but also give your building an architectural edge over traditional solid powder coatings. They are also used to provide protection from the weather and can provide a sense of privacy for whatever space they’re used in. The use of these slats in privacy solutions can work in landscape areas and green facades as well as residential environments. These screens are also highly used to provide outdoor eating areas and recreational screens to industrial buildings complexes.

Benefits of Using Aluminium Timber Look Slats

There are many benefits to list when comparing aluminum slats to traditional timber slats. These benefits can include;

  • Versatility in both size and design – Aluminum Slats can be arranged in a number of different shapes and sizes to create vertical or horizontal designs. Because these slats can run at various intervals or thicknesses it can give your building a contemporary and stylish appearance. They can also be angled and overlapped to form louvers and mounted between different posts or pillars.
  • Broad range of colours and styles available – Colorbond, which is another popular alternative option to timber, only comes in up to 14 colours. While aluminum slats can be customised in any powder coating colour, which can fall into the hundreds.
  • They’re virtually maintenance free – You don’t need any special tools, varnishes or chemicals, just a quick hose down every now and then and they’ll look as good as new for decades. You’ll find that the quality of these slats upholds for a lot longer than any other alternative.
  • Aluminium slats are incredibly durable – They’re unaffected by the sun, making them a perfect choice for Australian property owners. They can also withstand heavy rain and cold snaps, making them perfect for changing climates like Victoria and Tasmania. Aluminium is also impenetrable to mould, mildew, termites and all the other issues that would arise with timber slatting.

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