Australian corporations and homes collectively spend billions on heating and cooling each year. Due to the harsh weather conditions in Australia, excessive sunshine can create excess heat inside buildings, which in turn requires significant power to cool.

This is especially a problem in corporate spaces, which often feature large, glass windows that create a lot of natural light inside offices. However, the windows are also one of the greatest sources of energy loss in a building. You lose as much as 30% of your energy through your windows. On top of that, excessive amounts of light enter the building ‘causing discomfort, and exposing the building’s occupants to dangerous UV rays.

While more modern buildings have some type of window treatment to minimise heat loss and exposure, you may need to take extra steps to ensure total light control. Start from the outside and work your way in.

External Protection

To ensure maximum sun protection and temperature control, consider using external louvre systems and sun shadow screens. One of the advantages of louvres is that they take the full brunt of the sun’s rays without sacrificing ventilation – The air flows freely while keeping the sun out. This reduces cooling loss as the windows are less likely to build up heat as sunlight no longer hits them directly.

Here at CVS, we provide a wide range of louvre systems to suit your needs. We have both fixed louvres, and adjustable louvres, which give you full control over the amount of light and the airflow entering a building.

Internal Protection

While external protection is enough in most cases, some may want internal protection as well. Internal light control options give you even greater control over energy loss and UV exposure inside a building. The use of blackout blinds or curtains, for example, can completely block out any light entering the building.

The space between the window and the blinds can also create a type of air cushion – The small gap between them can be up to 20°C hotter than the rest of the room.

By working your way from the outside, in, you can reduce your cooling costs and create a much more comfortable environment in your building.

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