Architectural screens add character, aesthetic appeal, and special features around your commercial building with our high impact screens.

They are mostly made from aluminium, Colorbond, steel or galvanised steel, laser cut in eye-catching artistic patterns, nature-inspired designs, geometric shapes or an innovative style of your own choice.

Mill, powder coated, and anodised finishes can be used to further customise your materials and achieve an impressive look.

However, architectural screens are more than just decorative. CVS’s world-class outdoor screens also offer sunshade, weather protection, and security benefits, on top of their formal beauty.

So, with this in mind, let’s talk about the benefits of outdoor privacy screens for businesses.

The Clever Division of Space

Large outdoor spaces can feel over exposed and unwelcoming. As people, we prefer interesting, meandering outdoor spaces, with private nooks, and varied break-out spaces that we can use for different purposes.

Architectural screens can be used to divide and organise your outdoor spaces so that they feel more welcoming.

For example, large wave-like box screens were added to the ASICS Marsden Park project to break up the space, add character and mark out discrete areas for a wide variety of uses.

Screens can also be used to add privacy, without creating security black spots.

Sun, Wind, and Weather Protection

One of the worst things about large, unprotected outdoor spaces is that the wind can rip through them on bad weather days. This in effect pulls up plant beds, and putts off staff and customers alike.

Similarly, during the summer months, unprotected outdoor spaces and buildings can be exposed to harsh sunlight, leaving you with scorched grass or garden beds, and overly warm building interiors.

Like louvres and window shutters, architectural screens break the wind, rain, and intense sunshine.

Large, artistically designed screens throw gently mixed sun shade solutions around your outdoor space. They create pleasant diffuse light, as well as a barrier against the harsher elements.

In effect, architectural screens act as a buffer zone that protects your property. The result is more usable, and more enjoyable outdoor spaces, as well as greater weather protection for your buildings.

Reinvigorated Buildings and Outdoor Areas

Finally, architectural screens reinvigorate buildings and outdoor spaces. They can be used to customise and give your buildings and outdoor spaces a brand identity, which operates as free marketing, all the while adding style and beauty that makes the right impression on established customers.

The Best Outdoor Architectural Screens Made in Australia

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