External louvres are an intelligent choice when it comes to enhancing the design and life span of commercial buildings. But did you know they can also be used to bring the outside in and add greater fresh-air ventilation?

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The rise of buildings that bring the outside inside has been a key trend in architecture for many years, but it is only just recently being better understood. Thanks to research into “biophilic” design, we are beginning to recognise the many benefits of open-air environments.

Businesses are now also appreciating the role of fresh-air and better ventilation in their COVID-19 response plans.

The Rise of Bringing the Outside Inside

If you’ve noticed the rise in popularity of indoor plants then you’ll know that bringing the outdoors in is a big trend. However, if you walk around any city nowadays, you will also notice that this trend has expanded into commercial architecture, with things like outdoor terraces, green walls, the use of natural materials, the use of natural light over artificial lighting, and cleverly designed windows, screens, and ventilation systems.

The benefits of open-air design aren’t just aesthetic. Biophilic design has been shown to improve productivity, mental health, and physical health.

According to research, exposure to and experiences of natural environments “provide greater emotional restoration, with lower instances of tension, anxiety, anger, fatigue, confusion and total mood disturbance than urban environments with limited characteristics of nature.”

Now, with the event of the coronavirus pandemic, we are embracing outside-inside design to improve air circulation and prevent respiratory disease. According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention: “ventilation system upgrades or improvements can increase the delivery of clean air and dilute potential contaminants.”

External Louvres Create Open Air Rooms

At the present moment in Victoria, small outdoor gatherings are approved for hospitality. However, beyond hospitality, many workplaces are thinking about how they can also make use of outdoor or open-air spaces to improve air circulation. It’s time to transition to open air design.

Of course, we all know that outdoor spaces suffer from problems such as wind chill, rain, hot sun, and variable light conditions. While summer is a great time to open more windows or work outside, there are still limitations.

External louvres can help reduce the problems involved in open air spaces by turning outdoor areas into versatile rooms. External louvres can enclose and surround balconies, rooftops, and gardens with adjustable shutters that redirect sunlight, provide a barrier against harsh winds, create cover from rain, and create ambient dappled shade. Louvres can be closed against poor weather conditions and opened up on fine weather days when everyone wants to enjoy the fresh air.

External louvres can also act as shade screens around windows, enabling your business to increase air circulation by keeping windows open more frequently, without the risk of debris, harsh wind or harsh sunlight coming through.

The Best External Louvres in Australia

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