Did you know that direct sun can generate the same heat as a single bar radiator over each square metre of a surface, but effective shading can block up to 90% of this heat? As a result, shading a building correctly is key to its energy performance and liveability. However, not all shade solutions are the same. At CVS Louvre & Sunscreen Specialists we understand that when it comes to shade solutions, external shade screens are preferable to internal curtains. While this may sound counter intuitive, external screens redirect light and heat away from your building before it even has a chance to reach the windows. While buildings in colder climates can accept some heat during a short summer, in many parts of Australia our summers are dangerously hot, and as a result, appropriate shading is a high priority. Thankfully, external sun screens come in a wide variety of styles that add value to your home, all the while reducing your reliance on air conditioning and fans for cooling in the warmest months. Let’s explore some of the surprising benefits of just three of our popular shade products:

Shade Screens

If you’re looking for a durable, energy efficient and stylish way to shade your building, then aluminium shade screens are the obvious choice. Their structural and modern looking components create an elegant extruded louvre grating system reminiscent of French shutters. In fact, this shading system was first developed hundreds of years ago in France, and continues to be popular today because they are as functional as they are aesthetic. At CVS, our Shadelite Shade Screens provide not only shade and beauty but structural benefits as well, forming part of trafficable access points to building facades, interior mechanical ventilation systems and security fencing panels. Our shade screens are also fully customisable and come in a wide variety of finishes that artfully complement your home or commercial building.

Surprise Factor: many vendors are surprised to learn about the ventilation benefits of shade screens. At CVS our Shadelite Shade Screens are more than just screens, they positively transform your entire project toward greater energy efficiency and light-shade balance.

Bar Grille Screens

Bar grille screens provide a visual deterrent to intruders along with their shading benefits. These highly functional and modern shade screens are frequently seen on the outside of commercial and community buildings featuring a sharp minimalist look. Our bar grille system can also be designed and used as trafficable access points, interior mechanical ventilation systems, and security fencing panels. Made from swaged aluminium, bar grille screens are lightweight, durable, and easily fitted into any layout.

Surprise Factor: presenting a structural deterrent to intruders is a surprising benefit of incorporating bar grille screens, that is often overlooked in industrial design.

Perforated Screens

Perforated screens not only offer sun protection but provide an opportunity for creative expression. Inspired by traditional Persian screens, perforated screens let in small amounts of light through patterns cut into aluminium, stainless steel, or galvanised steel. Patterns of diffuse light decorate your interior space, producing the perfect balance between light and shade. Perforated screens also give privacy without having to resort to solid walls, as from the outside you only see the patterns made on the face of the material, but not through to the space with. Our CVS Shadelite Perforated Screens come in an unlimited number of designs, sizes and shapes can be produced to suit nearly any project, from large and graphic-looking display screens, to small, private and airy spaces. As perforated screens have many functional benefits, such as water management, and noise reduction, your particular screen design will be customised to suit your building and the functional benefits that are important to you.

Surprise Factor: not many people know that perforated metal panels absorb sound, reduce noise and echo effects.

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