Whether you’re adding privacy to your home or adding a decorative touch to your business, battens are the ideal way to introduce texture to any build. Perfect for new or existing establishments, battens add depth, privacy, security and more. For all your aluminium batten ceiling system needs or timber batten requirements, CVS has you covered.

What is a Batten?

Made from timber, aluminium, plastic or fibreglass, a batten is a strip of material that is used in construction. Often used to support, position or fix roof cladding and ceiling sheets, a batten is a versatile piece that can be a part of louvres, sunscreens and other building additions.

Timber Battens

Timber is a popular choice when building. For battens, a timber construction offers a striking, natural look finish but comes with an array of issues. Due to environmental factors, timber can warp, crack and split over time. Timber can also be susceptible to wood rot and termite attacks. Chemically treating or using termite-resistant timber can prevent termites destroying your timber but there is no way to prevent the elements from ruining your timber.

Opting for timber can often cause aesthetic issues such as visible screws and fixings. This can ruin the overall look of your battens. Timber can require staining and painting which needs to be maintained every six months or so to ensure its appearance stays appealing. This ongoing maintenance can be an issue in terms of time and money.

Timber can also be a fire hazard as it can be a combustible material. If you live in a fire prone area, your timber can ignite and spread the flames further, destroying your property or establishment.

Aluminium Battens

Offering a heavy-duty, low maintenance option, aluminium battens could be an easier choice for your home or business. With a flawless finish that doesn’t warp, crack or split like timber, aluminium can withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions. Perfectly straight with a striking look, aluminium battens provide a long-lasting and timeless choice.

Ensuring a seamless finish, aluminium is termite-resistant and requires no staining or painting. Saving you time and money, aluminium battens are also often made from non-combustible materials, ideal for fire-prone areas or just for added peace of mind.

With options in powder-coated gloss or matte finish, aluminium can also have protection primers, antibacterial coatings and graffiti coatings for timeless and low-maintenance battens. If you prefer the aesthetic look of timber, aluminium battens can come in a timber-look design for an authentic style.


With a range of batten options for your home or your business, CVS is the louvre and sunscreen specialists. Check out our full range of services or contact us today to see how we can install the perfect battens, suitable for any requirements.

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