Choosing from timber slat screens or aluminium slat screens for your next building project is crucial in the longevity, style and security of your home or business. Slat screens are ideal for adding privacy and cooling properties to your establishment. Slats may be your first point of contact for your business or home. Making a good impression is key! Other than style and aesthetic, understanding long term maintenance is important. Both coming with their own advantages and disadvantages, CVS Group understands the importance of your decision.

Timber Slat Screens

Many people opt for timber slat screens purely for aesthetic reasons, without realising the implications that come with the choice. Even though timber slat screens may look pleasing with a natural grain effect, wood often warps, rots, shrinks and generally won’t last very long!

Requiring high maintenance and frequent checks to ensure it’s keeping together; timber slat screens may not be the right option for you. Often needing repainting, revarnishing, or replacing, timber slats can be time-consuming and costly.

Attracting ants and termites which slowly eat away at the structure, usually undetected, can cause damage to your whole establishment or home.

Timber disintegrates quickly and often needs to be replaced wholly or in parts. Even if you opt for high-quality wood, it will still warp over time and require maintenance. Many of these woods claiming to be high-quality are treated with chemicals that can cause harm to your children or pets.

Good types of timber and wood can be heavy! This makes customising them more difficult and therefore more expensive.

Offering little-to-no security, wood can be burnt or broken with ease, making your business or home susceptible to invasion.


Virtually maintenance free, aluminium is an easy option for your slat screen needs. Offering a multitude of benefits, from durability to style, aluminum slat screens could be the right choice for your next project.
Unlike timber, aluminium won’t rot or erode over time, making it a much better investment. Its longevity is backed by its strong nature. Aluminium is the simpler choice to make for higher protection to your home or business.

Being lightweight in construction, it’s simple and fast to install. Aluminium’s malleable disposition makes it easy to manipulate and customise, so your design options are extensive. Featuring a structured look, complemented by a Mill, Powder Coat or Anodised finish, you can choose the colour that suits your current style.

Easy to clean with dishwashing detergent, aluminium is a fuss-free material. Completed with effective cooling and heat control properties, this sleek lifetime investment is one you won’t regret.

Aluminium Options

Packed with customisable options that can be made horizontal or vertical in an array of finishes, CVS have the slat screens for you! Want timber slats? We offer timber-look slats, providing the aesthetic of timber without the hassle. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

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