Different applications need different types of louvres. Car parks, for example, need optimal ventilation and a high degree of sun protection but do not require maximum rain protection. Plant rooms, on the other hand, require high levels of ventilation and maximum water protection. Knowing the basic considerations for selecting louvres will ensure that you get the best option for your investment.

Main Considerations

In determining the specifications of the louvres you need, you will have to consider:

  1.  The use and aesthetics of the building.
  2.  The severity of the weather conditions.
  3.  Airflow and water penetration.

Commercial establishments may require more aesthetically pleasing louvres as these can affect the property’s value. Alternatively, industrial buildings can use simple-looking louvres which are robust and give clients maximum weather protection for their property.

Some areas in Australia have extremely harsh conditions, while some areas enjoy kinder winters and summers. As weatherproof louvres are installed for weather protection, the selected louvres should be able to withstand their area’s conditions.

It is airflow and water penetration, however, that should be given the most thought.

Achieving Balance

Before buying louvres, you should determine your property’s required airflow and water penetration protection. The challenging part in selecting louvres is that there is an inevitable trade-off between water penetration protection and efficient airflow. The design that gives the highest amount of ventilation has high degrees of water penetration.

You can overcome the trade-off by increasing the size of the louvre face and making provisions for water penetration. You should also seek highly-engineered products as they reduce the degree of the trade-off.

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