If you have been considering installing a louvre roof system to provide shade to an outdoor area or building, then you will be happy to know that they’re a very versatile option. As commercial and residential louvre shade experts, we have a wide variety of louvre systems available to ensure fantastic results. However, before you go any further, it’s wise to know the basics about these architectural shade features. In this blog, we will give you a good understanding of the different kinds of outdoor roof louvre systems available.

Firstly, Let’s Define Louvre Roof Systems

Louvres are used to provide shade via a series of partially open slats known as the blades. In some cases, the blades can be open and closed to perfectly suit the weather conditions and provide ventilation as needed. Louvre roof systems are typically used in outdoor entertainment areas or added to the sides of buildings as an extension of the roof. Louvre roofs are often used to create more space and, of course, shelter people and buildings from the elements. They are also architecturally striking and can be used as a design element. Whether you require shade over a veranda, a freestanding pergola, or weather protection around a residence or commercial building, roof louvre systems tick all the boxes.

Types of Roof Louvres

Louvres can either be free-standing or part of an existing building as follows:

Louvre Roof Extensions

Roof extensions utilising louvres start where your roof ends to add outdoor shade and weather protection. You will often see louvre roof systems over verandas and patios, but more compact louvres systems can also be used around buildings to provide columns of shade across the windows. If you own a commercial building, this is a convenient way to lower your heating and cooling costs, by providing insulation and shade from the outside-in. They can be designed with consideration of the midday sun or made operable, so you can alter the angle of the blades as needed.

Louvre Roof Pergolas

Louvre roof pergolas are free-standing structures typically situated around a patio, swimming pool, or any other outdoor entertainment area. Pergolas using louvres add a luxurious French shutter effect while providing a comfortable outdoor area to make the most of. In Australia, we particularly benefit from louvre pergolas to manage the harsh midday sun and changeable weather conditions. Better yet, louvre pergolas can be designed to match your nearby buildings or the surrounding area, both in style, choice of materials, and colour.

Electric vs Manual vs Stationary Louvre Systems

One of the main decisions when it comes to louvre roofs is whether you want electric, manual or stationary blades.

Electric Operable Louvres

Electric roof louvres open and close with the push of a button. Electrically automated louvre systems are perfect for large and heavy louvre structures that would be difficult to open and close manually, as well as for louvre systems that are situated beyond reach. Some people simply love the convenience of an electric louvre roof system, but in other cases, there is no other option – such as a louvre roof over a sports stadium!

Manual Operable Louvres

As the name suggests, these louvres open and close manually using an internal pulley system or equipment to adjust the blades. Manually operable louvres may be workable if your louvres are in easy reach and are not too heavy or complex. For example, manual louvres may be suitable for a small louvre pergola or above a patio area. They may also be preferable in eco-friendly designs, due to their not using power.

Stationary Louvres

Once installed, stationary louvres cannot be opened and closed. For this reason, their blades are typically set at carefully chosen angles to face the midday sun and provide bad weather resistance. Stationary louvres are often set around large commercial buildings to provide shade to the office spaces within. They are also frequently highly architectural in appearance, adding flair and innovation to the building design.

The Best Roof Louvres in Australia

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