Why You Should Invest in External Louvres for Your Business

External louvres are an intelligent choice when it comes to enhancing the design and life span of commercial buildings. Shade solutions Australia-wide differ from outdoor sails to the thoughtful planting of trees. However, if you’re looking for a robust solution that provides benefits from ventilation to insulation, improved light quality, building functionality, and design, then you’re looking for external louvres.


External louvres maximise airflow without exposing your building to intense sunlight or unwanted debris. They can be opened to the best degree possible for the weather conditions, and when they are fully closed, they offer full protection against wind, rain, hail, and high and low temperatures. External louvres typically have the strength to withstand any severe weather event as well, meaning that they will protect your building from storm damage. If you’re in a cyclone-prone area, external louvres are a must.


External louvres provide fantastic insulation from both the heat and the cold. During the winter months, louvres help keep heat trapped inside, ensuring that your heating system works efficiently. In summer, louvres keep the heat of the day out, and the cold air from air conditioning in, meaning you spend less on cooling with greater results.

Light Quality

Anyone who has worked in a standard office knows just how uncomfortably harsh the midday sun can be through the windows, and awkward curtains and blinds never quite make conditions perfect, with awkward gaps or too little to too much being among the most common problems. Adjustable louvres provide ideal filtered light conditions throughout your building and office/working spaces and are easily operated at the touch of a button.

Building Function / Safety

Being able to control temperature and light conditions not only makes your building more comfortable to work in but improves your building’s safety credentials. Particularly around sensitive machinery, air quality, temperature and light conditions must be carefully maintained. Louvres help you make conditions perfect for all your business operations.


Finally, external louvres add a professional veneer and even makeover to any commercial building. Thanks to the use of sleek Colorbond, aluminium, and steel, louvres make eye-catching and stylish additions and can easily improve the overall design value of your business.

The Best External Louvres in Australia

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