Adding a touch of decor to your home or business, a Sunshadow Screen can make all the difference aesthetically and functionally. From adding privacy, sectioning, blocking shade, creating security and more, this versatile addition is perfect for a multitude of reasons. For all your sun shade solutions, CVS has you covered.

What are Sunshadow Screens?

Constructed from high quality aluminium, CVS Shadelite Sunshadow Screens are an extruded curved blade panel system. Made to be durable yet lightweight, these screens are easy to incorporate into your sun shade device or used as a striking architectural louvre grille.

Sunshadow Screens come in a myriad of different options and can be powder coated or brightly coloured through anodizing. Customized to your aesthetic and needs, these screens can be horizontally or vertically installed and are available in a range of finishes, spacings and sizes. Completed with a warranty, these screens are the ideal addition to your establishment.

What are Sunshadow Screens Used For?

Designed to be used as architectural screens attached to building facades, sun shade systems or plant screen panels, these versatile screens are the ideal addition to any establishment. Adding aesthetic, shade and/or function, the choice of system will depend on what you need it for. Sunshadow Screens can be used as:

  • Plant Deck Screens
  • Privacy Screens
  • Exterior Sunshade Systems
  • Vertical Feature Screens
  • Horizontal Sunscreens
  • Security Screens

Sunshadow Screens can be added and manufactured in a range of styles, including materials, configurations, sections, depth, materials, finishes and more.

Our Range of Sunshadow Screens

With options in continuous line screens, as shade canopies or as individual framed panel screens and blades, CVS’ range of Sunshadow Screens is extensive. Tailored to suit your space in terms of size, they can be connected to building structures or added with outrigger supports.

If you need a screen, we can tailor your requirements. If you would like more information on Sunshadow Screens or to request CAD drawings, get in touch today to speak to one of our talented team members.

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